Agent for the Importer

R. Medding & Associates are engaged by many overseas Manufacturers to act as Agent for the Importer, thereby undertaking the responsibility of complying with the ACMA regulations on behalf of the Importer.

This service is invaluable where:

  • The Australian Importer does not want to sign a Declaration of Conformity due to the complexity of the product,
  • The product is shipped direct to the Customer, and the Customer does not want to be responsible for compliance issues
  • The product is continually being upgraded requiring constant retesting and re-evaluation.
  • The Manufacturer wishes to use one label for all product sent to Australia, but wishes to use numerous Importers.
  • The information contained in the test reports and other technical documents is highly confidential and the Manufacturer does not want to provide it to their Australian Importer(s).
  • The Manufacturer wants the flexibility of changing Importer(s) without it affecting compliance issues.

Where an overseas Manufacturer or an Importer engages the services of an Agent, an "Agency Agreement" must exist between the the Agent and the Importer and between the Agent and the Manufacturer. The "Agency Agreement" should address the fundamental rights and responsibilities of all parties concerned.

Please contact us to request a copy of a pro-forma "Appointment of Agent for the Importer" document which outlines the rights and responsibilities of all parties.