Homologation Services

R. Medding & Associates have specialised since 1994 in providing advice to Manufacturers and Importers of electrical, electronic, telecommunications and radiocommunication equipment and medical devices regarding Australian and New Zealand compliance issues. The process of ensuring compliance with applicable standards and labelling requirements is often called homologation.

R. Medding & Associates homologation services include:

  • Review product information and advise what testing is required
  • Arrange testing at appropriately approved laboratories
  • Advise on likelihood of complying with standards
  • Advise how to secure compliance
  • Assess impact on distribution channels
  • Assist in setting up Compliance Folders and/or Technical Construction Files
  • Act as Agent for the Importer and hold Compliance Folder/Technical Construction Files
  • Advise on validity of existing permits and approvals
  • Assist in registering for use of appropriate labels
  • Apply for New Zealand Telepermits
  • Provide pro-forma documentation such as Declarations of Conformity and Applications
  • Audit existing Compliance Folders and Technical Construction Files
  • Correspond with government authorities on behalf of the client.

ACMA Regulations

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for Australian regulatory arrangements affecting wireless spectrum issues, telecommunications terminal equipment and cabling, radiocommunications equipment, the electromagnetic compatibility performance of electronic and other electrical devices, as well as restricting the level of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation exposure from intentional emitters.

Responsibility for establishing and attesting to compliance lies with the Australian domiciled Supplier who is either the Importer, Manufacturer, their authorised Agent, or in some cases the Licensed Operator.

Please contact us to obtain a copy of the appropriate ACMA Labelling Notice for your product.